The Mohair and Angora Fiber Club I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN NOW

by Little Angora House on the Prairie

With our many Angora rabbits and Angora goats we seem always to have a supply of fiber. I am now offering to you the opportunity to join my Mohair and Angora Fiber Club!
For $80 - Every 3 months for a year (4 shipments) you will automatically receive:
6 ozs each of beautiful hand-dyed varigated Mohair that has been put through the picker making it fluffy and ready to spin or card
PLUS: an additional 2 ozs of undyed white Mohair that has also been put through the picker
PLUS: 1 oz. of hand-plucked Angora Wool or other specialty fiber.
Or $45 if you would rather just have two shipments.
The colors will be a surprise - like a present every time! Its easy to join just click on the above JOIN NOW and add the membership to your cart. You can then begin to wait with great expectation for your first shipment of wonderful fiber to arrive. It should arrive within 2 weeks. Enjoy!!
There is also a Specialty Shipment available for $45.
I will introduce you to all of my goats and rabbits and tell you about each one so you will know who produced your unique package of fiber.
ABOUT MY MOHAIR - Several of my older does have retained a soft texture which is one of the main things I have been selecting for. Spinners often request my Mohair locks. The yearlings of the herd usually produce these and these always seem to be what are bought up first. The Angora goats produce mohair which I wash and dye into a range of colors. Because the fibers are hollow they take dye easily. Add this to the natural sheen of mohair and you get a beautiful, touchable, to be drooled over, pile of spinning fiber. .
ABOUT MY ANGORA WOOL The English Angora rabbit wool is the softest, warmest fiber I know of. It can be plied with some other soft fiber for some very delicious feeling yarn. Or you can ply with another spool of Angora which makes very soft warm fuzzy yarn garments that are cozy and luxurious to wear. This is great for anything worn around the face or directly against the skin.


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Copyright 2012 Cherie Olsen